How to make Google fall in love with your website

, How to make Google fall in love with your website

Google loves sites that help people find answers and solve problems. The more value your site has for visitors, the more Google will love it. The more it loves it, the more it pays attention, which increases traffic.

You’ve probably heard of car collectors. They put their favorite cars in the best location. Likewise, Google places its beloved sites on a pedestal by giving them a higher page ranking.

Oh, I almost forgot! Since we are talking about love, we mustn’t forget the main ingredient of success—attention. After all, attention is important in a relationship. So, for Google, it’s also something valuable. Google wants you to pay attention to it. Delve into what it wants, and its attitude changes. This is the only way to prove to Google that you understand what it wants. Do you understand what I’m talking about? After all, don’t you like it when someone is interested in your wishes and necessarily fulfills them?

So, if you want Google to fall in love with your website, then give it even MORE attention than you did before. Publish more valuable articles on your website, paying even more attention to the blog. However, make sure your articles meet Google’s whims. Otherwise, the relationship can collapse. After all, you probably know what happens to a person if you don’t give them what they need, but only what you think they need. 

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