Why does your website need more text?

, Why does your website need more text?

I used to think that a few menu categories would be enough for a website, but after more than 18 years in marketing, I was amazed at the value of blogs (with a lot of articles) that can stick the reader’s eye to the screen like Super Glue. Therefore, in this article, I will explain why you should keep your website’s content up to date.

1. Constantly updating your content will improve your image.

By updating your website’s content, you add advantages to your business: modernity, mobility, and drive, because a frequently updated website is quite a good image.

Many people look for new service providers. They use Google. When they find a website that offers services, they conduct some research, glancing at the blog or news section. If they see the website was updated when Britney Spears was on the Billboard Hot charts, they might have suspicions. People think differently, so some may think that website owners are not updating their content because they’re spending their time where there is no internet, possibly having been sentenced to prison (for plotting or scheming).

Google employees developed an algorithm that checks the “viability” of websites. If your website content is frozen like cement, Google’s algorithms will feel disappointed about your website and give it a lower ranking. Therefore, those who frequently update their content win. The more often you update your content, the higher your rankings will be. Personally verified!

P.S. Many SEO experts (including Neil Patel) say that updating old articles has a big impact on Google Search. Why? Google sees that you periodically maintain your internet home. 🙂

3. Long texts are the best and least expensive way to get closer to your clients.

Many active people (artists, entrepreneurs) would like to convince them that their product/creation is the best. This is not easy because for them to trust you, you need to spend as much time as possible with your customers. This problem can be solved with long articles. I am sure that our conversation will be interrupted by a pessimist who says no one reads long texts. This is not true. There really are people who read. Imagine that long texts are read by 2 out of a hundred visitors. If these guys read all of your texts, they will become your customers and fans. But for them to read, you need to give them a chance to immerse themselves in your website for an hour every day. Understand that your website is a customer’s most beloved source of wisdom on which their success depends. The more addictive your lure is, the more successful you will be. But if the website is just a despicable service description and a blunt contact page, then the customer won’t feel your mission and won’t understand why you’re getting involved in your activities, which is quite important.

If there were a greater number of long texts on your website, visitors would become closer to you and your services by reading about them. The more time your readers spend on your site, the more friends you will become.

This is not just a theory!

Try visiting my website, www.alexmonaco.net. Here, you can find articles that are shockingly long. Indeed, not everyone can read to the end, but those who do come closer to me. It happens naturally, not because I want to get them used to me, but because sharing my thoughts is my way of life. I do this because it’s my mission, passion. Please understand, I am not writing to be more successful—I am writing because I am already successful! When you have this attitude, you stop asking yourself if updating content will pay off, so you write, write, write. This kind of thinking ensures that you don’t give up halfway.

And you, do you want to share tips with your readers’ secrets that will help them? If you don’t want to share, you will create an image of a scrooge-like person who greedily doesn’t share their experiences with others…


The world has changed. In the past, my website customers asked me for a good design. They rarely thought of the texts and did not know the term “copywriter.” These days, customers ask for better texts because they know that a good copywriter (like me, for example) and website content are much more important than design. Therefore, to those who want to increase sales using a website, I suggest devoting more love towards texts and updating the content more often!

“Alex, why waste time publishing and creating content? Maybe it won’t be worthwhile to me?” one of the readers will ask, to whom I will ask one question. The question will be this: “Why would you invest time in a relationship because it may not pay off?”

I have many websites. They are visited because they are updated. One such website is www.alexmonaco.net. Go ahead and see when the last article was published, and you will understand whether I am alive or not. When my site stops updating, it will mean that I’m dead…

And you, are you dead or…?

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