Why SEO Optimization is Better Than Paid Google Ads?

, Why SEO Optimization is Better Than Paid Google Ads?

I argued with a marketer once. He stated, “Google Ads, Facebook Ads are the best advertising platforms. There aren’t better ones!” 

I opposed this position. I have seen thousands of times how business websites get thousands of visits without using Google or Facebook Ads. They take advantage of organic SEO traffic.

Let me start by saying that Google Ads or Facebook Ads can really increase your sales. But the biggest problem is that once you stop paying for paid advertising, sales drop / evaporate. Your website will be left sad and alone like the cute creature in this pic:

, Why SEO Optimization is Better Than Paid Google Ads?

This will happen because you’ve only ever used other people’s advertising channels. You could have invested this money to make your website findable on the internet. If that were your goal, you would create your own advertising channel for which you wouldn’t have to pay more!

How to create a free / your own advertising channel? It’s simple! You have to call me and say, “Hey man, we want SEO! TO HELL WITH TELEVISION ADVERTISING! Create a personal ad channel for me, so people end up at my website when they Google my service!”

Look, you can have 300 visitors every day…

And if you’re ambitious, you can attract as many viewers to your website as visits to a Beyoncé concert. For example, one of her concerts in Miami had an attendance of 36,656 fans. Oh yes, let your website become a concert venue that gets just as many visits as world-famous artists get in concert attendance on any given day of the week. For example, Amazon ships over 1.6 million products daily. Imagine how many people visit this site EVERY DAY!   

You may find it difficult to visualize, so let me give you an example:

Ten years ago, I worked on the SEO of my website. Google visitors loved my websites, so I was in the top positions. A lot of years passed, but my website is still on the first Google search page. People have been finding me for ten years, even though I don’t pay a penny. In other words, after investing in SEO services, I get more ads every day than people who pay for ads. 

To help illustrate my point, I will tell you about it in the language of an analyst.

One of my clients complained that people couldn’t find him on the internet.

His page visits were insanely low.

I proposed an SEO solution.

He took the offer.

After three months, the website traffic jumped to over 80 visits (every day). Three months ago, it was only 22-25 visits a day.

, Why SEO Optimization is Better Than Paid Google Ads?

So, now my client’s website is in the potential client’s focus area. In the past, the client’s website felt like this creature:

, Why SEO Optimization is Better Than Paid Google Ads?

And now it feels like this:

, Why SEO Optimization is Better Than Paid Google Ads?

And these results will last.

They will last 😉

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